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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Random Thoughts

An item recently in the news gave details about a man who paid $6000 for two black silk KKK robes.  By coincidence, I was at an auction a month or so ago where a white Klan robe was offered for bid.  It was displayed on a hanger with a sign above it stating that the auction company “did not condone the history represented by the item.”  This robe, dating from early in the 20th century, sold for something in the neighborhood of $200--which seemed high for what was basically a piece of used clothing.  The valuation was based, I think, on scarcity; you just don’t see these things.  In fact, the robe at the auction was the only one I’ve come across in a lifetime of living in the South.  I’ve never known a man who belonged to the Klan, have heard nothing about it since a brief flurry of activity back in the Sixties.  Even then, it was mostly whispers about a few hotheads with more time on their hands than brains in their heads.  My impression was that it was an attempt at revival of something long defunct.  The robe sold at auction here was destined for a museum, which is where it belongs, no doubt, with all the other examples of things from the past which should stay in the past.


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