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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Time Passing

It's been several days now since I sent off the manuscript for Rogue's Salute, the third book in my Masters at Arms series.  So far, I've only thought of two problems in the thing that I should have fixed before shipping it...  Sigh.  Just no way to make everything perfect, I suppose.  But I've now completed many of the chores that I had put off during the deadline crunch.  Not all--the time seems to slip away much faster when I'm not working than when I am; I start a project in the morning, and it's noon before I can turn around.  I do find that I've almost chilled out from my deadline angst, however.  Most writers are stressed during the final pages of a book; it's just part of the process.  Some of it is the time constraint, but it's also the need to keep all the story details in order while bringing the book to a satisfying conclusion.  Then there's the niggling fear that the story may not live up to it's original promise; the writer is never the best judge of a work in progress.  After a few days with no book to work on, however, you begin to relax and kinks in your brain unwind.  Whatever may be wrong with the story will have to be fixed later; there's nothing you can do about it now.  So you mellow out, relax with other people's books, visits to friends, crafts, gardening and other fun things.  Then the next story starts taking shape in the back of your mind--and the whole process begins again.   


Blogger sue said...

Jennifer you don't have to worry
your fans will love them
just take off and relaxe you deserve it

6:20 AM  
Blogger Jennifer Blake said...

Thanks, Sue! You're a peach.

7:56 AM  

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