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Friday, July 10, 2009

Hero Material

Writers need inspiration, right?  When it comes to characters, there's nothing like having a photo or picture posted near your computer as fast and easy reference for eye and hair colors, facial features, etc.  Some writing programs (WriteWay, for instance) provide a convenient spot to zap a thumbnail photo of your hero or heroine into their built-in character chart.  You can do this as well with an MS Word file.  But where to find the photoes?  Well, you can always scan them from catalogs or magazines.  Or you can check the web; it actually abounds with photoes of gorgeous men.  A good place to start is:  This one has different pages of photos according to type: actors, athletes, models and so on.  Just click on the header for the heroic type of your choice.  Then there's  This is the web site of a modeling agency so the photoes are higher quality and with better closeups.  The only problem I've found with this method of selecting a paperback hero is that many of them look so incredibly young!
Challenge to Honor, 2005
Dawn Encounter, 2006
Rogue's Salute, 2007
Guarded Heart, 2008
Gallant Match, 2009
Triumph in Arms, 2010


Anonymous Deborah said...

Can't wait until your medieval series comes out. I'm getting ready to read the latest Master of Arms book. I've had it on my shelf now for SIX MONTHS. Jeez.
Am going to go check out the two websites. I already have the WriteWay program.

12:36 PM  

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