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Monday, November 02, 2009

November Newsletter


Fall has finally arrived here in northern Louisiana. As I was out walking the dogs this morning, the sun shining on the leaves of the black gums made them so bright red they looked coated with lipstick. And it's lovely to see the sun and cerulean-lavender skies of autumn, too, after all our rain. I'm not sure how many inches fell this past month, but it must have been at least 20-25. Flood waters were over the road near our house, and rose several inches above our seawall. There was never any danger of it reaching the house, however, and all is well now.

When I send this message, I'll be turning at once to answer a questionnaire for a magazine interview. The publication is Shalla Magazine, the brain child of Shalla de Guzman who began it online but recently went to print format. It showcases writing and the pre-published and online works of authors. My writing is of interest, I expect, because of my extensive backlist available on the web: more than 25 books originally published by conventional means now offered as downloads by eReads and other online sources. For more on the magazine, or to keep watch for the interview, check out:

Speaking of downloaded books, the trend seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. Clark Howard, who has a regular show on CNN about saving money, predicted last week that all publication will go in this direction over the next ten years. The benefits are many: 1) You can download books at any time and from anywhere, 2) you can carry 200 or more in your handbag, briefcase or suitcase in a device weighing only a few ounces, 3) you don't have to worry about disposing of books once they're read but just delete them, 4) Lower production costs means less expensive books, 5) Less impact on the environment since no trees are sacrificed. Can you tell I'm sold on eReaders?

My current writing project is the collaboration mentioned a couple of months back. This is with my daughter, Katharine Faucheux, on a historical set in New Orleans and France in the 1840s. For the project, she and I brainstormed the plot and characters and I wrote the first chapter or so. She then wrote a large chunk, and now it's my turn again. With luck, we'll be done with this project by Christmas. It had better turn out that way since I need to start on Book 2 of my 1480s medieval trilogy by New Year's. This medieval, BY LOVE POSSESSED, is due on my editor's desk on June 1, which will give me only five months to complete it. Yikes!

Did I tell you I finished the rough draft of the contemporary romance I was working on last month--that sudden brainstorm I had to write a 50,000 word book set in England and Italy? I did, indeed, though it will be some months before I have time to revise and polish it for submission. Writers have to do these things now and then, though, just for our own satisfaction.

I'm also keeping up with a daily tweet on, and adding a Writing Tip of the Day to my blog at: www.jenniferblake/jennifersjournal. Spreading myself too thin? We'll see!

Another bit of news is that Sourcebooks, Inc. has set the publication date for re-release of ROYAL SEDUCTION as August 1, 2010. This means it will ship to bookstores and other outlets in July. If you've never read this New York Times best seller of mine from 1983, it's about a Balkan prince who arrives in Louisiana on the trail of a woman involved in the assassination of his brother…and kidnaps the wrong lady in his quest for vengeance. Sourcebooks is calling this publishing program, which also features books by Jane Austen and Laura Kinsale, their "Re-launch of the Classics." Lovely thought, isn't it? The next book of mine to be featured will be FIERCE EDEN in October of 2010. I'll have three titles on the shelves next year then, as these two will follow the last book of my Masters at Arms series, TRIUMPH IN ARMS, due out in February, 2010.

And finally, because of the change from writing Louisiana historicals to medieval books, I'm currently having my web site redone. Well, and because it was time, as the general look of it hasn't changed in several years. I've seen the new background designed by Tara Green, and it's absolutely stunning, with lots of turquoise and gold. Everything should be changed over by the first of next month, and I can't wait for you to see it.

All that's left now is to express my special thanks in this month of Thankfulness. I'm truly grateful to all of you who have followed my career and read my books for years; all blessings be upon you. And thank you, as well, to those who have just discovered my work and are looking for my backlist books. This job is sometimes fun and sometimes frustrating, but would be entirely too much labor without the encouragement and support of readers like you.

With warmest wishes for a bountiful and beautiful Thanksgiving celebrated with all who offer you encouragement and support,



Blogger Joan said...

I too believe downloaded books are the future but I like paper books. Have been wanting an eReader but need to wait for the prices to come down. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

6:52 AM  
Blogger Jennifer Blake said...

I love paper books as well, Joan, and certainly agree they have their place--bathtub reading, for instance! And the prices of eReaders are certain to come down as competition rises; they've already dropped $150 from where they first started, in fact. I suspect they will be below $50 in five years or less. By that time, the content available for them should be an unbelievable feast. Thanks much for the Turkey Day wishes, and a special one to you and yours.

8:00 AM  

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