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Monday, May 16, 2005

Spam Blockers & Cover

I’ve had several email messages lately concerning entries to my contest being returned to the senders with notices that they were considered “spam.

This happens when an email address is at all unusual in its arrangement, the length, combination of letters and numbers, number of consonants in a row, etc. The computerized programs which block spam are programmed to watch for these types of addresses since they are often used by spammers—and they occasionally make mistakes. Please don’t worry if this happens to you. A copy of all blocked messages are sent to the spam folder on my email program where they are filtered out and added to the other contest entries on a daily basis. There’s a way around every problem!

If you came to this blog by way of the home page on my web site, then you may have noticed the recently posted cover for my next book, DAWN ENCOUNTER. I’m seriously in love with this cover!It is, or will be when published, a “stepback” cover which means that there will be a painting of the hero and heroine on the inside. Did you notice that the cover image on the home page changes to this painting when you move your cursor over it? Love that, too. I don’t yet have the “blurb” up which describes the book, but that will be posted soon.Many of you may not know that I have a fan list.I post news to it from time to time and am always available to answer questions there.

Members can chat with each other, too, if they like. To subscribe, send an email message to:


Blogger sue said...

Jennifer I saw the new cover I love it I looked at it for a few minutes
before I came here now I can't wait till it comes out
your fan

6:06 AM  
Anonymous Sharon from Texas said...

What a beautiful cover for your next book! I am anxiously waiting for it to be published. I have all your historicals on my Keeper shelf. Speaking of cover art, your older historicals were the best. Midnight Waltz being my favorite.

4:57 PM  
Blogger Jennifer Blake said...

Thanks so much Sharon and Sue! About the older covers, including that for Midnight Waltz. These paintings were done by NY artist Jim Griffin. He and I had a mutual admiration society going for a while--I'd tell my editor how much I loved his cover art, and he'd tell my editor that mine were the only romances he actually read before doing the paintings. A while back, I told the VP at my publishing house how much I liked his work and gave her his name. Now the artwork on this current cover looks very much like Jim's to me. I've looked all over a blow-up of the cover art in search of a signature and can't find one. But I'm going to find out if it's his.

While we're on the subject of art, I had an email from a fan saying that she much preferred having a cover with the hero and heroine depicted so she could image them in their roles. Others have said they are embarrassed by the "clench" covers. Let's have a show of hands. Leave me a comment saying what you prefer. Thanks!

8:28 AM  
Anonymous Sharon said...

The clench covers don't embarrass me as they do some of the younger readers. My daughter's friends who read romance don't care for them. But I remember the beautiful art work on the covers from the 70's thru the 90's with great fondness.They really were wonderful artists such as Pino, Franco Accornero,Elaine Duillo and Jim Griffin.So many covers now are bland and seem cheap by comparison.

1:27 PM  
Blogger sue said...

Jennifer maybe when I was younger when I read some of the books it bothered me but now who cares I love to read and I don't care what any one says

2:21 PM  
Blogger Jennifer Blake said...

Sue and Sharon--I like your attitudes! Since I've also come to the age when I don't much are what anyone else thinks as long as I'm having fun...

9:13 AM  

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