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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Candy Wrapper Philosophy

Recently, while revising my book in progress in order to get back into the story after being away from it for several weeks, I picked up a Dove dark chocolate for the energy boost.  As you may know, this candy company prints bits of Zen-type advice inside their wrappers.  Mine read: Don't think about it so much.  What a timely reminder, especially since my tendency these days is to obsess over every word.  I do this even knowing that the first thought is the often the best -- maybe because I also know this first thought can be trite and uninspired.  But the basic idea here is to let go and trust to instinct.  I tried it that day, and you know, it worked!  That candy wrapper is now pinned to my bulletin board.  Wonder what else is printed on the wrappers in that bag of chocolates... 


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