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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

October Newsletter



 The Louisiana Book Festival is upon us.  With the damage done to Baton Rouge by Hurricane Gustav, there was concern this celebration of books might not take place.  Things have changed a bit, but the show will definitely go on.  I'll be moderating a book panel discussion this Saturday, then, October 4, 10 – 11 AM, Louisiana State Museum, 3rd Floor Gallery, Baton Rouge, LA.  The title for the panel is "Romancing the State", and the other authors participating are Connie Cox and Robin Wells.  Afterward, we will all be signing books at the area set up for autographing.  Admission and parking for the festival are free.  Do plan to drop by if you're in the area.

I flew to Colorado for almost a week in September, a special trip with my older daughter to see the aspens as they turn yellow and gold with touches of orange.  We hit them just right in the higher elevations; they were truly gorgeous, great cascades of gold lace among the dark conifers on the mountain sides, with their leaves trembling in the wind.  At the old ghost town of St. Elmo, above 9,000 feet, we ran into a rain shower that turned to sleet.  Sleet in September!  That was a fun experience for this flat-land, subtropical Louisiana gal.

My publisher has made an offer for my new Three Graces series, this being a 3-book series which will feature American ladies involved with dashing French Creole gentlemen in New Orleans, circa 1848 – 1850.  I haven't signed the contract yet, as terms are still being hammered out.  You can see, now, how long these things take in the writing business; it's been over two months since I reported here that I had sent in this book proposal.  And it will be some time before these books reach bookseller shelves, too.  The last two manuscripts for my 6-book Masters at Arms series are waiting on my editor's desk.  They are GALLANT MATCH, due out in February, 2009, and TRIUMPH IN ARMS, with a proposed publication date of February, 2010.  The Three Graces stories will follow behind these titles.  Meanwhile, I'm at work on book 1 of the new series, and have reached Chapter 7.

What else has been happening?  GUARDED HEART, my February, 2008 title, has been issued in a large print library edition.  Another of my books has been published in Russia—I'd tell you the title, but can't translate it, and it doesn't seem to be in English anywhere in the frontpiece information.

In the grocery store this morning, they had a display of holiday baking needs: the nuts and syrups, pie fillings and candied fruits we all associate with the season.  I'm not ready for this!  It was only a few days ago, so it seems, that the year was fresh and new.  But autumn is here, and winter on its way, whether we like it or not.  I hope this grand October is filled with lovely fall color and pumpkin magic for you, and all the pleasures of the ghoulish season.

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