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Friday, October 02, 2009

October Newsletter



So here we are again in the busy season of the year.  I usually gear up for a winter of writing about this time, but got off to a special start this past month by working on two projects at once.


The first of these was the proposal for the second book in my medieval Three Graces trilogy.  After polishing and reprinting its pages at least ten times, I emailed it three or four days ago.  The working title for this story is BY GRACE POSSESSED, and it features a Scotsman as the hero.  I've wanted to create a heroic Scotsman in traditional plaid, or kilt, since a trip to Scotland in 2006, so expect to enjoy working on this book.  Just as a reminder, this Three Graces trilogy will be out in 2011 with the books published in consecutive months, probably October, November and December.


The second project came about after a phone discussion with my daughter about Harlequin Presents novels, those short (50,000 words compared to my usual 100,000), sexy reads with European heroes and exotic settings.  The instant I hung up, a story idea popped into my head using Italy's Cinque Terre region that I visited last year.  The genre isn't new for me; I wrote six short contemporary stories back in the early 80s that were published under a pen-name.  At the time, I had a contract that called for a book per month..  Could I do that again now, write a 50,000 word book in the month or so I had before starting the next contracted work?  The challenge was irresistible, especially as I hate letting a story idea go to waste.  As I write this, then, I'm working on Chapter 10 out of a possible 12, and expect to complete the book by Oct. 5.  Neither my agent nor my editor has seen this book, so it has no publication date.  I'll let you know what happens with it as time goes along.


For those who might be curious, the earlier contemporary romances mentioned were written for New American Library as Maxine Patrick and sometimes show up in used book stores or as collectibles online at hefty prices.  They are also available as Jennifer Blake titles via electronic download or print-on-demand from or on Amazon.  The titles are ABDUCTED HEART, CAPTIVE KISSES, BAYOU BRIDE, SNOWBOUND HEART, LOVE AT SEA and APRIL OF ENCHANTMENT.


I'm Twittering.  Isn't everybody? J  Posting a 140 word note every morning is becoming addictive; it makes me feel no end of productive.  To find out what I'm up to on any given day, look for JenniferBlake01 (plain Jennifer Blake was already taken) on www.twitter. com.  You can become a "follower" and receive this short note every day, if you like.  The more people I know are reading it, the more likely I am to keep posting!


Let's see, what else do I have going on?   I've begun adding a daily writing tip to the blog on my web site.  I'm not sure how long I can keep this up, but the plan is to do it for a year.  At the end, I may wind up with one of those Thought of the Day calendars.  You never know!  Check this out at: www.jenniferblake. com.  Click on Jennifer's Journal (blog) at the bottom of the home page.


 And I've received the proof of the cover art for Sourcebooks Publishing's reissue of my New York Times best selling novel from 1983, ROYAL SEDUCTION.  It's stunning, with lots of purple and a steamboat.  When the final art work is ready, I'll post this cover to my web site.  My editor at Mira Books also sent the final cover art for my February 2010 title, TRIUMPH IN ARMS.  I love this one, as it reminds me of the original cover for ROYAL SEDUCTION which was done by cover artist Jim Griffin.  Of course it doesn't hurt that both are in my favorite color, a deep, intense turquoise.  I'll get this cover up on my web site before long as well.  However, I'm planning a major overhaul of the site in the near future, and may wait until my web maven gets the new version online.


That's it for this month.  Signing off with warmest wishes for an October that's as haunted as your heart can stand,




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