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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pen-Name Alert

Those of you who have followed my career for some time know that I wrote six short contemporary romances for Signet/New American Libary in the 80s using the pen-name Maxine Patrick. They were also published by Doubleday Romance Book Club, and often show up in both soft and hardcover versions on the Internet. The book titles were: ABDUCTED HEART, CAPTIVE KISSES, BAYOU BRIDE, SNOWBOUND HEART, LOVE AT SEA, and APRIL OF ENCHANTMENT. Recently, another author has begun using Maxine Patrick as a pen-name--or maybe it's her real name; I have no way of knowing. This alert is just to make sure readers know that any titles published under Maxine Patrick, other than those listed above, were not written by me.

FYI: The titles above have been reissued as Jennifer Blake books and are available as downloads from several sources, including

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