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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

June Newsletter 2010

The Jennifer Blake Newsletter

June 2010


Done, yes! The final draft of BY GRACE POSSESSED, book 2 of my medieval trilogy, was finished in good time in May, and sent to my editor via email for its June 1 deadline. I sometimes feel a little like the French writer who used to follow his manuscripts into the printing room, correcting and polishing until the last possible moment. I was still correcting and polishing scant seconds before I sent the book file this morning.

So do I get to rest now? No, not really. I have page proofs to read for ROYAL SEDUCTION, a 1983 New York Times best seller which will be reprinted this fall in the "Re-launch of a Classic" program from Sourcebooks, Inc. This book was certainly edited when first published, but every publishing house has its own criteria for punctuation and other bits such as foreign words set in italics. My task is to make certain any changes of this kind didn't alter the original meaning of the sentences or my intention as the author. Errors found—which I hope are few!—will be jotted down as a list and sent to the production person for correction. Maybe I'll transfer this book file to my Sony e-Reader, and then transfer myself to an easy chair for the job.

When this chore is done, I'll need to get serious about the proposal for medieval book #3. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about it; what isn't roughed out on paper has been worked out in my head. Getting it off to my editor by July 1 should not be a problem then. I'll begin actual work on the book in August. It's too hot in Louisiana then to do much else, anyway.

I'm still adding to the list of Writing Tips on my web site blog and have now reached #140. The subject at the moment is "villains", their use in romance novels. Though only one tip is displayed at the time, clicking on others listed in the sidebar will take you back and forth among the rest. Check it out at:

Not much else is going on right now. Because of the way my deadlines fell this spring, plus other plans for the summer made far in advance, I've by-passed most of the romance writing conferences, conventions and other "working" trips. This leaves a couple of pleasure vacations with friends and family in the months just ahead. I'm looking forward to getting away, doing something totally different—I may not write even a postcard! With luck, however, I'll have photos from these trips to post on my Facebook page as a way of sharing my adventures. Look for me there as JenniferBlake01.

Warmest wishes for a grand summer with loads of fun and reading time,



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