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Friday, October 01, 2010

The Jennifer Blake Newsletter-October


An October sky, you have to love it. Our summer sky here in Louisiana is so faded to white by heat that we forget how blue one can be. Then comes fall's cloudless aspect and deep cerulean with a hint of violet brought by cooler weather and voila, beautiful again. On the other hand, I'd dearly love to see clouds or even a storm just now. It's been 50 days since we had real rain, and everything is parched for it. Me, included!

September was a fairly uneventful month for me. Most of it was spent actively writing: I'm now past the halfway point on the rough draft of book #3 in the medieval trilogy. The plan is to be done by November 1 to avoid the distraction caused by the holidays. Fingers crossed. But I've already planned my reward for this two months of intense work. I'll be heading to the International Quilt Show in Houston in early November, along with a dozen friends from the Magnolia Stitchers Needle Arts group. Fun and fabric shopping: great incentives to be done in time.

Another reprint from Sourcebooks, Inc. has been scheduled, this one for February 2011. It will be FIERCE EDEN, originally published by Fawcett/Ballantine in 1985, and set in French Colonial Louisiana during the uprising of the Natchez Indians.. The gorgeous new cover for this title is up on my website, along with a blurb about it. Check it out at:

I continue posting a "Writing Tip of the Day" to the web site blog. At present, I'm up to Tip 181, and exploring the different viewpoints (POV) and their uses. The original idea was to do at least 364 of these tips for a future calendar. Who knows, I may try for a book with 1001! At least posting these online on a regular basis keeps me working on the idea. You'll find the blog at:

Another place where I'm posting is the Mira Authors Blog. This is a new venture, just started in mid August. Messages there will be random thoughts and happenings pertaining to writing. My first blog went public on September 9, and my next will show up on October 9. Other authors published by Mira Books post great insights on different days of the month. Take at look here:

And just a reminder that I'm on FaceBook. I'm been posting the number of words written every week and other bits about the WIP (pronounced "weep" but an acronym for Work in Progress,) plus notes on selected events and gripes in my life. If hearing from me on daily basis instead of once per month sounds okay, I'd be more than happy to confirm you as a FaceBook friend.

With warmest wishes for blue skies this month—and a Halloween only as scary as you want it,


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