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Friday, December 03, 2010

The Jennifer Blake Newsletter-December

Late again! And I’ve been so proud of myself for getting this newsletter out on the first day of each month for most of the year. That's what happens when your job requires remembering deadline dates but not what day it is.

And it’s been one deadline of some kind after another since last month. I read the page proofs for the reprint of FIERCE EDEN that will be out in February, and answered editorial queries on it. The main purpose was to make sure no scanning errors had crept into the pages when this book was transferred to digital media from the original print version. Certainly, nothing about the story was altered. It isn’t a case of rewriting the book as others have done, I promise, but only of bringing it out again for those readers who were in diapers when it was released in 1984.

I also answered editorial queries about Book 1 of my medieval trilogy, BY HIS MAJESTY’S GRACE, and polished this manuscript yet again. The book was turned in September 1, 2009, but has been held back for publication along with the other two books in August, September and October of next year. It’s amazing how much easier it was to see errors and omissions after this 14 month time lapse. Also it's hard to believe I've written two books since this one.

No sooner had I finished the work on BHMG (as I shorten this title for writing ease) than I received a reminder that I needed to write a 1000 word synopsis to go into the Sourcebooks sales catalog for MIDNIGHT WALTZ that will be reprinted in August. If you think this is a task usually done by the publishing staff, you’re right. How it came to be the author’s job is one of those mysteries of publishing. And in case you’re counting, you’re right, again: I’ll have three originals and two reprints out next year, or a total of five books on the shelves in 2011.

For foreign publications last month, GARDEN OF SCANDAL was released in Spain. A nice surprise is that they kept the original title, though translated, of course: El jardín del escándalo.

My blog post for Mira Books on the web site this past month was titled “Why We Read.” This will remain up until the 9th. On that date, I’ll put up a new one called “The E-Organized Writer.” Look for these at: Meanwhile, I continue to add to my list of writing tips on my web site blog, with number 200 passed in November. Check this out at:

So can you tell I’ve worked on everything else in the world recently except the book in progress? The rough draft for it was completed in November, and I’d thought I might get the first round of revision done before Christmas. This would have allowed me to really concentrate on the final revision after the first of the year. It’s clear now that’s not happening. But not to worry; my deadline is not until April 1. This book, by the way, is #3 in the trilogy, BY GRACE SEDUCED.

On December 11, I’ll be speaking at the Christmas gathering of NOLA, the North Louisiana branch of Romance Writers of America. This will start at 10:00 a.m. at the Bossier Library History Resource Center, Bossier City, LA. I’m looking forward to seeing all my local writing buddies and catching up with their careers. But this means, of course, that I’ll be writing my speech during this coming week, instead of working on the book. Hmm.

Did I tell you my younger daughter bought a house just down the road from where my husband and I live? She won’t move until school is out next year, but has been ordering decorator items at and sending them to my address. However, she made a typo on the house number, so it was off one digit. Meanwhile, I’ve been Christmas shopping online. The different house numbers on incoming packages confused the delivery folks at first, but not any more. When the UPS guy brought two boxes to the door yesterday, he said, “Here you go, one for you and one for your daughter.”

The holidays are in the full swing now. Poinsettias for decorating are making a splash of color in my garden room already, my Christmas cactus is opening its buds, and the first Christmas party is tonight. I have more shopping to do, but I’m getting there. Soon all my family will be together again for warm hugs, fun talk, lots of laughter and good food. Sadly missed from this annual gathering will be Gerard, our son-in-law who was killed in a car accident in February. He always sat in the kitchen playing his guitar while my daughters and I cooked dinner, and then led us all in carols afterward. It won’t be the same without him, but we’ll muddle through somehow. And I’m sure his kind and gentle spirit will be with us.

With warmest wishes for all the joy and love of the season, and memories to hold in your heart ever after,



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