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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Jennifer Blake Newsletter - February 2011


February 1, at last. The reprint of FIERCE EDEN should be showing up on the shelves as we speak. I received my author’s copies a few days ago, and must say I’m impressed with the presentation Sourcebooks has done for the book. They’ve gone to trade-size paperback—paperback the size of a hardcover book—with their Casablanca Classics reprint program. The lovely shades of green and rose they chose for the cover look like spring and Valentine’s Day, and should make it easy to spot on the shelves. You may have seen this “profile” picture on my FaceBook page, though you have to click on the image for the full, enlarged effect. I’ve said it before, but will repeat it to be perfectly clear: this is a reprint of a bestseller from 1985, not a rewritten book. So many authors are reworking their earlier books these days that the question naturally arises. The only thing different about this reprint is correction of a few printer’s errors plus a small continuity bit that the original editor missed. FIERCE EDEN is available for the Kindle on Other e-book formats can be downloaded at:

I also received a couple of contributor’ copies this month for FALL IN LOVE LIKE A ROMANCE WRITER, TRUE LOVE STORIES BY 67 AUTHORS. This collection was compiled by Amelia Gray, who is a romance author herself. My love story is in there, along with those of Robyn Carr, Heather Graham, Eloisa James, Kat Martin, Linda Lael Miller, Bertrice Small and 60 others. And it’s just in time for Valentine’s Day, too!

Meanwhile, I’ve completed the first round of author revision and polishing for Book #3 of my medieval trilogy. I think I gave the title for this as BY GRACE SEDUCED last month—not surprising as I’ve gone back and forth on what to call the story. The title for publication will be SEDUCED BY GRACE. I’m not sure what difference it makes, but there you are. The book is set for publication in October, following BY HIS MAJESTY’S GRACE in August, and BY GRACE POSSESSED in September. As I’ll be doing a second round of revising and polishing before I ship the manuscript to my editor, you’ll still be hearing about this book next month, I’m sure.

We’re under a tornado watch this morning, and rain has been pouring down. The storm delayed my sending this newsletter as I had to shut down my computer for a while as a precaution against power surges and outages. Otherwise, our winter has been fairly normal. We had a few snow flakes, sleet and freezing rain for a couple of days last month, but nothing compared to the horrific snow and ice elsewhere. (My heart goes out to all who are under blizzard and deep snow warnings today!) Last week saw our usual late January “warm spell,” with daytime temps in the high 50s and low 60s. I took advantage of the sunshine to work in my garden, pruning my antique roses (or helping my husband since this is a man-size job on these 6-feet tall shrubs), also cutting back the huge oleander that’s been trying to take over the driveway, and making art bonsai forms out of my intermediate-sized crepe myrtles. The plants fought back, and I have the scratches to prove it! But things are looking more orderly, at least for now. Funny, how much better that, plus a few hours of sun, can make you feel.

I’ll be attending the Written in the Stars writer’s conference for NOLA, the North Louisiana Branch of Romance Writers of America, on March 11-12. A book signing, sponsored by Barnes and Noble, is included during this event. I’ve also agreed to participate in the Silent Auction that’s part of the conference. My contribution is the critique of a synopsis, with auction proceeds to benefit NOLA. Anyone attending is free to bid. For information and registration go to:

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, ever wonder what a romance author does for it? My husband and I usually go out to dinner. Sometimes, he gives me a piece of jewelry, sometimes roses, sometimes candy—it’s always a surprise. In return, I usually make one of his favorite desserts, but with some special twist. This year, the plan is for a made-from-scratch cheese cake (Betty Crocker Ultimate Cheesecake recipe) with a center decoration of a hand-sized Reese’s chocolate and peanut butter heart-- Reese’s being one of his favorite things. Ah, romance!

With warmest wishes for love and remembrance this month and all through the year,


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Patricia, good to hear that you are proceeding with your new book and staying busy! We had 56 degree weather a few days ago, but had Minus -10 below last night, the high today is Minus -3 below and the forecast is Minus -19 below tonight with a few inches of snow that has turned into icy streets. It is a good day to stay inside and read! Libby Peevy

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