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Friday, July 01, 2011

Jennifer Blake Newsletter - July


Summer is truly with us here in the Deep South, with days of temps above the 100°F mark. Time to go inside, shut the door, and hope the air conditioning doesn’t quit. I used to say I’d have written more books if I lived in a frigid winter climate, but, on second thought, I’m not sure. Extreme heat from mid-June to mid-September actually drives us inside in the same way.

I was in Ft. Myers, FL for a week last month, hanging out with my daughter, Lindy, and her two girls, also watching the younger, Robyn, graduate summa cum laude. It was a lovely, lazy time, talking, laughing, walking the beach on Sanibel Island or just sitting with chilled drink in hand, listening to the rattle of the palm trees. Everyone needs a break now and then.

But after this trip, the one to New York in May and the Caribbean cruise in April, I won’t be taking a summer vacation. Well, other than escaping the heat by heading to our summer place in the mountains of Colorado, where we go every year. The main reason for staying close to computer and laptop is the summer publication of the Three Graces trilogy. Blog posts and other promotional efforts will fill my days from now until late September.

My author’s copies for Book 1, BY HIS MAJESTY’S GRACE, were delivered this past Friday. These usually show up a couple of weeks before the books are put on the shelves. The original publication date was set for July 27, then changed to the 26th, and is now the 19th. At least the book will go on sale some time in the second half of this month. If you see it in stores, drop me a note? Send to:

Reviews for BHMG have been coming in, with six or seven appearing so far. All are favorable, thank goodness! RT Book Reviews gave it a Top Pick! 4 ½ stars review, saying:

“With her distinctive voice, Blake sets her tale during the reign of Henry VII and sweeps the reader into the precarious lifestyle of battle-scarred knights, court intrigue, scandals and treachery. The sexually charged chemistry between her hero and heroine makes the first of the Three Graces trilogy an exciting, emotion-filled and unforgettable story.”

Eye on Romance posted:

“Set in 1486 England, By His Majesty’s Grace takes place in a new historical era for beloved award winning author Jennifer Blake. Her masterful writing and exquisite sense of pacing shine in this novel, bringing several elements together in one perfectly executed story. Blake includes a great deal of the background of the Tudor family as the story progresses, especially in regard to King Henry VII’s rise to power. Historical detail is abundant and well placed, and Blake’s breadth of research and knowledge is remarkable. The backdrop of a fascinating period in history along with a true whodunit mystery and a tender romance combine to make By His Majesty’s Grace a stunning entrée to a new sub-genre for Blake. Be sure to watch for the two remaining offerings in The Three Graces series, “By Grace Possessed” in August and “Seduced by Grace” in September, which will tell the stories of Isabel’s sisters, Cate and Marguerite.”

Links to additional reviews have been added to the FaceBook page created for the books and called simply The Three Graces Trilogy. If you happen to take a look, it would be helpful if you could click to “Like” the page. Thanks much in advance.

In conjunction with the book release, I will be the featured author for Harlequin’s August Reader to Reader Newsletter. A short article and photo will appear in this publication which goes out with books sold through direct marketing. Also, I’ll be showcased in an Author Spotlight on the RT Book Reviews web site, with an article about how I came to write the Three Graces trilogy and also a short excerpt from the book. I’ve done an online interview with Connie Cox, as well, a writer who frequently has guest author spots on her web site. This series of questions and answers will go public when the new book begins to appear. Look for it around July 19th at:

Speaking of interviews, I’ll be conducting one for a change. On July 5, I’ll post an online interview with my niece who writes as Phoenix Sullivan. An indie author of great talent and vibrant imagination, she recently e-published her first novel, an Arthurian Saga titled SPOIL OF WAR. For an in depth look at her background and writing life, check out the interview that will be posted on July 5th at:

Meanwhile, the quintessential Stars-and-Stripes summer holiday is looming. In honor of the Fourth, we will grill hamburgers, sausage and chicken, make potato salad and cut a watermelon or two. Afterward, as dusk falls, we’ll take to the boats to view the annual fireworks display held here on the lake. Family, food, fun and tradition, what could be more all American?

With warmest wishes for a happy Fourth, and all the good things of summer,

Jennifer Blake!/profile.php?id=100000468533638

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