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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Wedding Romance - The Unique Proposal

You saw the news clip about the brain surgeon vacationing in Florida who buried an engagement ring in the sand and then lost it? He intended to let his girl dig it up before he proposed, but the tide came in, and -- you get the picture. If not, there’s a video:

Poor guy!  He was such a good sport about it. And he had the last laugh, once the ring was found, as the incident turned into a never-to-be-forgotten proposal. That is, after all, the current trend in wedding customs, finding a memorable way to pop the question.

Yes, indeed, the prospective groom is expected to be creative on this occasion. Some celebrities have done the deed on helicopter rides or mountain tops at sunrise, in an igloo on a glacier or on a private beach, in a Venetian gondola or atop the Eiffel Tower. Sports guys have done it by kneeling on the playing field or blaring out a public announcement in front of thousands of fans. The dramatic proposal has become such a big deal, in fact, that there are people who will create and set up the perfect scenario for a clueless would-be groom. A few examples of the possibilities and prices for this service are located here:

Or for a truly big splash, a wedding proposal can be written in the sky:

Less dramatic ideas are available for the man who prefers to make his own arrangements, however. A list is posted on the wedding planning site hosted by The Knot Magazine:

But what’s a romantic guy without unlimited funds to do? He can:

Put his feelings in a love letter and let his girl read it before getting down on one knee.

Take her to a place that has special meaning for the two of them, from a church or movie theater to a shopping mall, ball park, or favorite restaurant.

Look to their outdoors activities for a meaningful location, perhaps a fishing boat or hiking trail, a vacation beach, top of an amusement park ride or the back of a horse.

Have a small silver box engraved with the proposal and put the ring inside, or have a jeweler string letters on a necklace that spell out “Will You Marry Me.”

Buy a cake or giant cookie and have the bakery write the proposal on it in icing.

Make a special dinner for her and use the ring for a napkin ring in the center of her plate.

Hand her a frozen drink or soft-serve ice cream with the ring perched on top.

Freeze the ring in an ice cube, and give it to her to cool down with on a hot summer day.

Take her to the top of a fire tower or water tower, local ordinances permitting.

Or if all else fails, he can simply be spontaneous, asking when and where the mood strikes. That’s often the best proposal of all!
Interest in all things wedding has been triggered by June publication of Pieces of Dreams, my historical romance with a bride who is torn between her worthy, hard-working fiancé and his twin brother who is a dashing sea captain. FMI:


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