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Thursday, September 01, 2005


Things change here from moment to moment.  The news now from the southern part of Louisiana is that criminal gangs from New Orleans are spreading west and north out of the city like rats leaving a sinking ship.  In smaller cities and towns like LaPlace, Gramercy, Lutcher and Gonzales, they are stealing cars, taking them at gun point, and breaking into houses and small business to loot them, particularly of guns.  "It's crazy down here," one person said.  "People are sitting in front of their homes with shotguns," warning off the would-be thieves that are cruising the neighborhoods.  These opportunistic criminals are targeting any house that doesn't have a car in front of it, assuming that the owners have evacuated.  They started first in the more affluent areas but are now taking over in the all of them.  People are fast coming to the point where it's kill or be killed.  Where will it all end?


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