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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Work & Such

You've heard of Murphy's Laws, which generally say that anything which can go wrong, will?  I have my own which apply to writing.  One of Blake's Laws says: Any time you're in deadline mode for your next book, the page proofs for your last book will arrive.  Another one is: Any time a writer leaves home, FedEx will deliver a package from your editor containing something that must be okayed and returned immediately.  These things have been obvious to me for years, so you'd think I'd have my life organized so they wouldn't matter, wouldn't you?  Wrong.
The above is to explain why I haven't posted here recently.  First, I was away in the cool Rocky Mountain air for a couple of weeks.  On my return, I found page proofs for my January title, Dawn Encounter, which needed reading, correcting and revising immediately, since they were overdue.  Then I had an Aug. 1 deadline for the proposal for my next book, #4 in the Masters at Arms series, but couldn't make it because of deep concentration on the page proofs.  But now the work has been done and is off my desk.  Maybe life can get back to normal--where all I have to do is start the next book while decorating the new guest apartment we're making in what had been our downstairs storerooms and planning another trip.
Guarded Heart is the working title for the next Masters at Arms story.  This one has a heroine who is bound and determined to kill the hero--who can't for the life of him figure out why.  Sounds like fun to me!  


Blogger sue said...

Hey Jennifer
So glad to see you back writting in your journal again I just love reading it

2:17 PM  
Anonymous mari said...

Jennifer: Last summer, my husband and I drove our motorhome to Louisiana to see our military son off to Kuwait. ( He's stationed at Barksdale.) Of course, we had to travel to New Orleans and just loved it..... such a beautiful, historical city. Now I have a visual for your romance books in Louisiana.

Truly a fan, Mari in California
P.S. I only read J.B. in the romance genre.

10:12 PM  
Blogger Jennifer Blake said...

What a grand compliment to my writing, Mari--first that my settings intrigued you enough that you wanted to visit New Orleans, then that you only read my books. I'm so glad New Orleans lived up to your expectations---and hope I can continue to do the same! My husband and I have a motor home that we travel around in from time to time. Maybe we'll see you some place along the way...

With many thanks for the kind words,

10:36 AM  
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