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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Memorial Day Adventure

It's isn't Memorial Day here in the South--or maybe anywhere else these days--unless you burn some meat.  My meal for the day included baby back ribs and polish sausage cooked on the grill and served with baked beans and--salmon-pink potato salad.  No, it’s not a new recipe exactly.  What happened was, when it came time to add my usual sweet pickles to the salad, I had none.  Disaster!  What to do?  I had in the refrigerator some "Red Hot Pickles," cucumber pickles that had been a gift.  These are apple-red pickles made with bread and butter spices but with Red Hot candies added to give them extra zing and the red shade.  Voila!  Chopped together with dill pickles, onion and boiled egg and stirred into the potatoes, the result was pink potato salad.  Then I added the usual mustard for yellow color and the dish turned salmon pink.  Well, it tasted okay, pretty much as usual, once you got over the look of it.  A new tradition at my house for Memorial Day, perhaps?  I don't think so! 


Blogger sue said...

Jennifer everything you fix was right up my hubby's alley he loves trying some thing new
have a great day

6:01 AM  

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