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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Something Good

The old folks used to say that something good can always be found even in the worst of nightmarish events.  For Katrina, it has been the overwhelming response of people from around the world.  The message in the song linked below is another good thing.  I should say that the composer/lyricist is my son-in-law, which makes it extra special to me.  Give a listen?
I am a native of Grand Point, Louisiana, which is mid way between New Orleans and Baton Rouge in St. James Parish, but have transplanted to southwest Mississippi.
By candlelight, in the coolness of the morning, on September 2, 2005, the 3rd day after Hurricane Katrina hit, I wrote the words to this song.  Being without power at my house, I drove 200 miles to my in-laws' house where I re-recorded it on my Digitech GNX4.
For 9 days,  we were without power and water near Meadville, Mississippi, but I am thankful for the things I do have, among them, my family, my friends, a house and a job.  
I am trying to get this song "out there" so that others might hear it.     Please listen to the song and if you are moved, pass along the links or cut/and paste them into an email. 
Let me know where it's going!
Contact Info:
Gerard C. Faucheux, Sr.
1168 Myers Rd NE
Meadville, MS 39653


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