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Friday, January 19, 2007

What to Write

What should I write?  It's a question beginning writers often ask.  And it's a legitimate one since the choices are so varied, space for new authors limited, and the time to experiment in short supply.  Still, it's a little like asking what you should make for dinner.  As with cooking, the work in progress can be an everyday staple that's satisfying but unexciting; something more complicated which may garner greater compliments, or an exotic dish that some will love but some may hate.  Since you're the cook, nine times out of ten you'll choose whatever you have a taste for at the moment, whatever you think you'll most enjoy -- and you'll season it with just that little bit of difference that will make it your own.  So it is with writing.  Please yourself, and chances are a reasonable percentage of readers will also be pleased.       


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