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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Reader's Tapestry

Writers seldom learn how readers are affected by the stories they have to tell.  They write with little feedback beyond reviews or an occasional email.  Yet now and then some word comes about a particular book or phrase that has had special meaning.  Not long ago, I had an email about an unusual tapestry done in cross-stitch and framed for a reader by her sister.  It detailed in thread and lovely embroidery the last few paragraphs from ROYAL SEDUCTION.  I was incredibly touched by the idea that these words of mine were memorable enough, meaningful enough, to make the stitching effort worthwhile.  I asked to see the piece of needlework, and it turned out to be just as lovely as the thought behind it.  Thanks so much to Susannah for sending the note and the address to view the tapestry.  You can see it, too, at:
Click on the first tapestry for a larger view which can then be read.

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