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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Book Edition Puzzle

SEDUCED BY GRACE, Book 3 of my medieval Three Graces trilogy, has just been published in the UK in a hardcover large print edition from Chivers Press. The book has a lovely cover, and I appreciate the vote of confidence it represents but—Book 3?

Book 2, BY GRACE POSSESSED, has also been published in a large print hardcover edition. Yes. But in the U.S. By Thorndike Press.

What happened to Book 1, BY HIS MAJESTY’S GRACE?

Why did two different publishers release different books of the trilogy, but neither choose to start with Book 1 or to issue all of them? Or has Book 1 been published in a hardcover edition by someone else entirely, but no one let me know it?

This isn’t the first time something similar has happened. LUKE, Book 2 of my 5-book contemporary Louisiana Gentleman series, was published in hardcover large print edition by Severn House in 2011. Book 3, ROAN, came out this past spring from Severn House, all right, but so far there’s been no sign of Book 1, KANE. Nor of Books 4 and 5, CLAY and WADE, if it comes to that.

Did whoever selected the titles for these editions not realize the books belonged to sets? Did my original publisher suggest them to the hardcover houses without giving their publishing history? Were choices made based strictly on sales figures or some other criteria? Or are the various publishers waiting for readers to clamor for the other books before they go to the expense of printing them?

Who can say? Certainly, no one has explained the process to me. In fact, I only learned these books had been reissued in later editions when author copies arrived on my doorstep.

I could send a query, of course, but I left the original publishing house for these titles back in the winter. I doubt my show of concern would have noticeable effect on future publishing decisions for them or anyone else. Some few details will surely show up on a future royalty statement, but I have little hope of a full explanation. The case of the missing titles may have to remain a mystery.

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