Jennifer's Journal


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Rant, Etc.

Sometimes the Internet is so frustrating.  I wanted to access information on a particular site a couple of days ago, but the link to the area I needed didn't work, and neither did an email plea to have the info faxed to me.  This morning, I realized I might be able to get the same thing from a different angle, via another site.  Unfortunately, I couldn't remember my log-in and password for that one.  I searched high, I searched low, but it wasn't to be found--I'd very carefully refrained from leaving this sensitive information in any of the obvious places.  Finally, after a couple of hours of doing other things while wracking my brain, I recalled where I'd hidden the info and located the correct bits.  I then logged back on and went to the back-up web site.  Guess what?  The page on *this* site that was supposed to come up so the password information could be entered wouldn't open.  So uncooperative sometimes, these electronic marvels!  It's almost enough to make a person swear to do without them.  Or just plain swear, anyway.
I've been polishing the proposal for Masters at Arms book #4, working title, GUARDED HEART.  I keep coming up with new ideas, new character motivations and insights to add to it.  Which is a good thing, of course, but makes it hard to find a stopping place.  If this keeps up, I'll have written the book as a proposal!  At the same time, I've been flooded with ideas for other things, among them another contemporary Louisiana Gentleman tale, a cookbook, and a futuristic tale about a matriarchal society that's been in the back of my mind for ages.  Funny, how some periods are super creative, while others---well, others aren't.  Some people think best under stress, or so they say.  Others have to be relaxed or it doesn't work.  I've tried both, and it seems that I think faster and more logically under pressure, but range wider and deeper when there is none.  Guess that means I should write without a deadline.  Or does it?  Hmm.