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Monday, January 09, 2006


Here we are, a week into 2006, and what is different?  Well, DAWN ENCOUNTER, book #2 of my Masters at Arms series, is now on the stands.  It’s been so long since I submitted this book to my editor--June 1, 2004--and the information for it has been on my web site home page with the flash book video for such ages, that it seemed this time would never come.  But it’s been on the shelves for over a week now, and reviews and reader comments have been positive—which is always a relief!  In the meantime, ROGUE’S SALUTE (working title so subject to change) book #3 of the series featuring Italian sword master, Nicholas Pasquale, as the hero, is on my editor’s desk with a publication date of January 2007.  And I’m at work on book #4 which I’m calling GUARDED HEART, though, again, that’s subject to change.  This one is about Gavin Blackford, an English swordsman introduced in DAWN ENCOUNTER.  I’m also planning a research trip for book #5, which means going down to New Orleans and photocopying masses of pages from the newspapers of 1846 at the Williams Research Center.  (I’ll let you in on a secret here—the hero for this book will be a Kentuckian who was introduced in ROGUE’S SALUTE.)  It should be interesting to see the grand old city again, find out what has changed and what has remained the same.  Other than that, I’m writing, writing toward another June 1 deadline—but also working on a workshop to be given in Baton Rouge at the end of the month, getting my garden ready for spring, packing to attend a local quilting retreat and planning a summer trip to Ireland with my daughters and a sojourn in the Colorado mountains later in the year.  If the way a person begins a year in an indication of how it will go for the rest of it, then mine should be busy, productive and fun.  Hope everyone one else’s is the same.


Blogger Mariad said...

OH, I'm so glad that Dawn Encounter is out. I read the first book and was in love with it!!!

I'm sure I'll be in love with Dawn Encounter too! Now I'm off to Amazon to order it! Weeee!!!!

Thank you for sharing your interests and live with us on your blog. I enjoy it very much.

11:07 PM  
Blogger Jennifer Blake said...

Thank you for your comments, Mariad. Hope you enjoy Caid's and Lisette's romance in Dawn Encounter. I'm glad to know you enjoy hearing what's going on with me, too. I've been a little concerned about this after reading another author's comment on blogs which said that most were "too much about me, me, me". The last thing I want is to come off as sounding vain and self-centered! After several weeks of thinking about it, I decided that readers wouldn't be clicking here if they weren't interested in how I spend my days or what I think. It's nice to have the affirmation.

9:09 AM  
Blogger huma said...

I've been an avid reader of your books and long-time fan. I was wondering if you were planning on revisiting the royal line (royal seduction, royal passion). They were some of the first books I read as well as Midnight Waltz. Thanks for the great writing

4:07 PM  
Blogger Jennifer Blake said...

Thanks for your comments, Huma. The "Royal" books and Midnight Waltz are among my favorites, so I'm glad you enjoyed them. I never say never about revisiting older stories and story lines, but my current contract for the Masters at Arms series will run until 2008, with a total of six books. Then I have a couple of other story ideas that I'd like to get on paper. We'll see...
Best, Jennifer

1:38 PM  
Blogger Mariad said...

Hi Jennifer,
It took forever for Amazon to send me my order. I did the supersaver shipping and I don’t think I’ll do that again anytime soon. I rather pay shipping and get the books much faster. It took them a month to get me my books and still I haven’t gotten my complete order!

I did get half my order this past Sat and finally got to sit down and read Dawn Encounter. I loved the story and the romance of the way your words flow onto the pages and into my heart. I felt like I was truly there and could not put the book down. To bad I have kids that make me! LOL

Lissete’s character was phenomenal. I adored your heroine. She’s got to be one of my favorite ones to date. She’s just adorable all heart and bravado. Caid, I loved him and how he was so staunch in his quest to keep her safe and from her own follies. *SIGH*
This was a perfect romance to me, you led the way perfectly to that final love scene. I loved the anticipation. Each stolen kiss and the twist at the end, confessing that she’d laid herself out on the tomb awaiting him to come along.

The scene where Francis Dorelle reads Lissette the poem had me in tears. Sniff sniff and I tear up even thinking on it. That was heart wrenching, but I was glad that it was by a horrible accident for I just adored your English gentleman, Blackford. I hope you’re doing his story too! I feel madly in love with him and wish to know his secrets and what deep sadness is just beneath the surface. I just couldn’t bear him killing him out right and I was glad it wasn’t Caid that challenged him, because I worried about that through the whole story, because in a post you had mentioned the poet’s death. When I read the scene, I don’t know, but I imagined you writing the scene with tears in your eyes.

I can hardly wait for the rest of this series to be written. I got to know these other Master at arms and fell in love with them all. I’m still high from reading the story and keep going back to my favorite parts--it is one of my favorites.

Regards, Maria

3:27 PM  
Blogger Jennifer Blake said...

Many thanks for the lovely accolades for Dawn Encounter, Maria. I'm touched, really. This series and my sword masters mean so much to me that it's wonderful to know their stories resonate with you as well. You mentioned Gavin Blackford, the English sword master. I just completed the rough draft of his story with a working title of "Guarded Heart." Quite honestly, I think it may be the best so far, or at least the most exciting--though I always think the book in progress is best. It will be published in January 2008 if all goes as planned. The next book, Nicholas's story that was previewed in the back of "Dawn Encounter" will be out in January 2007.

Oh, and to me, there is no greater compliment than knowing a reader likes to go back and read sections again. It means I must have done something right!

Warmest, Jennifer

11:34 AM  

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